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Saturday, March 15, 2003
I know this is off topic, but I think many at Brandeis will find it of interest. I also really hope that this story is a joke (for Purim). Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish
and here's the NY Times' article (registration required)
New poll numbers are out, indicating that there is steady support for action against Iraq (71%); that soldiers are doing more to achieve world peace rather than protesters (75% to 8%) and there's a lot more. I recomend looking at the poll data itself
Update: Newsweek has similar results
There is hope for the future: my little brother's high school is having its annual Model United Nations in a month, and Leo made a wonderful website with forums. I was very impressed with how intelligently many of these kids discuss current events. Some even wrote funny posts "representing" their assigned country!
Upon learning that Hans Blix is more worried about the environment than about war, the US government has decided to change its diplomatic strategy on Iraq.

"Did you know that Iraq has refused to reduce smoke emissions from burning Kurds?" asks a recent ad. "Saddam has even encouraged bringing chemicals more toxic than asbestos into London housing!"

Hans Blix remains unconvinced, explaining that so far the only victims have been human.

Friday, March 14, 2003
Yasser Arafat announced that he has appointed Minifat to the post of Prime Minister. The unexpected move was a response to President Bush's demand that Arafat must cede power and confirm a Prime Minister to "a position of real authority."

"At first I was worried about giving up my absolute power over the PA, but then the idea hit me: I could appoint a clone 1/8 my size to the post," Yasser Arafat explained at a press conference.

Kofi Anan praised Arafat's choice of successor, saying "Arafat has made the strategic decision to democratize the PA."

As a gesture of his committment to democracy, Arafat has invited all of Minifat's relatives to stay at Arafat's house during Minifat's term in office.
To anyone interested: There will be a pro America "Live Free or Die" Rally in northern New England! Bring your flags, pro America and pro troops signs, bring the kids too. The rally will be held Saturday, March 15 in Market Square (not too far from the Childrens Museum) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at 1 p.m. See this page for more information if you're interested in attending
So tomorrow is: International Eat an Animal for PETA Day...
It's an event that came about in response to PETA's recent (disgusting) campaign equating the Holocaust to meat. Follow the links to see the whole story. And to those who are vegetarians, (or who don't feel like eating meat), I would still suggest that you contact PETA and express your anger at this extremely disturbing campaign of theirs.
Back to the topic of political debate and the exchange of ideas, FrontPage Magazine's latest symposium is titled:
Symposium: Anti-Semitism - The New Call of the Left?
The symposium members are: Michael Lerner, Judith Klinghoffer, Leonard Dinnerstein and Jonathan Kay. It is an interesting discussion which attempts to present both sides of the issue in a "calm, rational manner". It makes for an interesting read, to see the different opinions/ideas/attitudes presented.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003
I hope this blog will not turn into a forum marked by the airing of persecution complexes. There may be individuals who missed the part about liberal democracy including free speech (all across the political spectrum), but the most people seem to respect other opinions, if not agree with them, when the proponents argue in a calm, rational manner rather than engaging in ideological guerilla warfare/brick-throwing. Respect your opponents, regardless of whether they respect you.

The purpose of political debate is not to make enemies but exchange ideas. When an individual violates this tenet, the proper response should be to shrug and move on, rather than complain about persecution or exact revenge in similar respects.

That being said, if the comments by Daniel Mauer were indeed serious, it deserves reporting not for ideological reasons but because it marks a serious violation of the role of a student senator. A member of the Student Senate should not be pondering methods of "hijacking" clubs that have ideological sentiments differing from his or her own.

I hope we can address this issue quickly and appropriately.
Speaking of Jonah Goldberg, his latest column has come out, and it may be of interest to many at Brandeis. It's titled: Jews and War and a related piece by Clifford May titled: "Jewish Guilt"
Jonah Goldberg poses a good question over at "The Corner":

"If YAF or Eagle Forum or Ward Connerly's outfit tried something like this. A college deducts contributions to Naderite groups straight out of your tuition."
(Just thought I'd throw it out for discussion)

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Regarding Mira's post below, I wrote an article which appeared in the Brandeis Free Press last semester about the double standard of free speech on college campuses nation wide (regarding faculty and students). The article is titled: "Campuses Need True Free Speech"
Hostile Takeover of UWS
Someone has posted an e-mail on the anti-war planning mailing list advocating a hostile takeover of United We Stand, the pro-America club at Brandeis University. The person responsible has issued an apology claiming it was a joke, he has also notified his mailing list. There will probably be an article in the justice about it next week.

Is this just an honest misunderstanding or part of a pattern of harrassment against conservatives and patriots on campus? This semester the Republican club lost its office without any warning and explanation - the Democrats still have theirs. UWS fliers have been defaced. Many students are reporting that conservative and patriotic decorations on their dorm doors are being vandalized and even stolen. Please comment and let us know what you think!
Interested in a way to help out troops fighting for liberty and democracy?

You can now send Pizza and Pepsi to the brave men and women of the US armed forces stationed in the Persian Gulf.
In addition, you can also send Pizza and Soup and/or Burgers to the brave troops of the IDF, who are help protect Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East (excluding Turkey).
In a stunning diplomatic breakthrough, the French proposed a 12 million step program for disarming Iraq. Jaques Chirac explained that the British six step plan is "only the beginning of the inspections process" which under Hans Blix's skilled leadership is estimated to last at least as long as it takes France to transfer all of Iraq's oil to Paris.

Donald Rumsfeld responded to the announcement by proposing a 200,000 step program which would involve "200,000 American soldiers taking lots of steps through Baghdad."
John Hawkins of Right Wing News has just posted a thorough (and excellent) piece titled:
Answering 50 Frequently Asked Questions About The War On Terrorism
I recommend reading it.
Man killed by fur in Paris in a stunning reversal of the usual order of events.

"For years, PETA has been warning us that Fur Kills. Today we have realized the folly of ignoring their warnings," a somber President Bush told stunned reporters at a White House conference. An annonymous government official acknowledged that the President is considering announcing a "War on Fur." The battle against this previously ignored menace will not be limited to just furry animals, but will extend to people who shelter furry animals or provide financial support to furry animals. Even the cute ones, like puppies.

Though some may be worried about the costs of war, government officials are stressing the positive side effects. "The upcoming War on Fur would allow us to give food and warm clothing to millions of needy people around the world.

PETA refused to comment on this story, though one official was overheard mumbling that "this isn't what we meant."

(Story first found on Blogs of War)
Since we seem to be focusing a lot on the UN now (or should I say bashing the UN now?), I thought that it would be appropriate to link to Charles Krauthammer's latest op-ed in the Washington Post: Call the Vote. Walk Away

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Here's some good news: Indiana University's student government has voted down an anti-war resolution. (Story from Instapundit)
I'm going to see Jonah Goldberg debate Lori Wallach (a major anti-globalization grassroots organizer) on free trade at Wheaton College tonight. I'll post my comments either later tonight or tomorrow. It should be interesting.
To suppliment Tobias' posting, here's the "raw data" of the polls that the NY Times cites

I agree with Tobias that many Americans are beginning to realize the futility of the UN. I discussed this in an opinion article for the 02/10/03 issue of the Brandeis Free Press titled: "The UN: Irrelevant"
Investigative reporters for the Brandeis Socialist Times have discovered that the many anti-war walk outs scheduled for college campuses across America, including Brandeis, are really part of an evil neo-conservative plot to disenfranchise liberals.

"They can't become tomorrow's leaders without a good education," explains conservative shadowy figure Mr. H. "That is why I am encouraging them to walk out of class not only on the first day after America begins liberating Iraq, but every day that American troops risk their lives fighting America's enemies. We want to give conservative students an advantage when they compete in business, politics, and academia."

Reporters discovered that some supposedly ultra-liberal professors are actually Fifth Columnists for the Right, not the Left, as previously supposed. "Why am I walking out of my own classroom? Because I am sick of teaching liberals!" a Brandeis professor was overheard saying during the board meeting of Conservative Shadowy Figures. "I just hope CSF warns Jehuda not to fire me for neglecting my job."

Student anti-war activists everywhere are furious. "I don't mind skipping class to support bloodthisty dictators, but this attempt to purge of liberals from academia is disgraceful! Next thing you know, all humanities classes will become indoctrination sessions for conservative ideology!" exclaims sophomore Becca Zahmdum. When asked whether this means she will attend class, she replied that she'll think about it.

Stew Pidman, a senior, explains the dilemma facing many liberal students: "Ignorance used to spread Communism and Fascism, and that was ok. But now that it looks like ignorance is being leashed to the conservative cause, I'm thinking maybe I should study so that I won't fall for cheap propaganda."
The New York Times reports that American public opinion is finally reacting to the UN's efforts at restraining America from pursuing what it deems to be its national interest:

"The poll found that 58 percent of Americans said the United Nations was doing a poor job in managing the Iraqi crisis, a jump of 10 points from a month ago. And 55 percent of respondents in the latest poll would support an American invasion of Iraq, even if it was in defiance of a vote of the Security Council."

Hopefully Americans finally see that the United Nations is nothing but an anti-American debating society that as it stands has no business managing American behavior. Why should Syria, let alone France, have a say when confronting a dangerous, determined dictator?

Monday, March 10, 2003
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