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Thursday, May 15, 2003
Controversial Thoughts

Ban SUVs and drill for oil in the Artic.

School Choice: give each parent $7,000 to pay tuition at whatever school they want. Administration Choice: let anybody start a school, with no "accredation" or government control. Teacher Choice: let admnistrators hire and fire teachers based on whatever criteria they want. Student Choice: let schools admit and expel students based on whatever criteria they want.

File Sharing: it's illegal, it's immoral, and it's here to stay.

Libertarian Party: You have 12 months to get your heads out of the sand or I'm voting Republican. You were right when you said it's not the government's job to protect Americans from themselves. You're absolutely one-hundred-percent utterly dead pushing-the-daisies ex-parrot wrong when you claim it is not the goverment's job to protect Americans from foreign aggressors.
Problem: Several nations in the UN have decided to oppose immediately lifting sanctions on Iraq
Solution: Lift sanctions *gasp* unilaterally. That's right. France's Elf doesn't want to buy Iraqi oil? Not a problem! Texaco will take care of any excess supply. Russia doesn't want to sell its vodka? (ok, I admit it, I have no clue what my native country exports except possibly vodka and pirated software) We have plenty of our own home brewed Smirnoff ready to ship!

Now here's a question: how do we make sure that the Iraqi people get the profit from their oil? If we just give out a portion of the profit to each citizen, it becomes a welfare program and would stiffle initiative. Using the money to pay for government expenses runs a huge risk for corruption - it would turn into the same fiasco as the UN oil for food program. Ideas?