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Saturday, August 23, 2003
An Iraqi Columnist's opinion of Arab (and perhaps some American) Intellectuals

[via One Hand Clapping]

Iraqi columnist Khalid Kishtainy of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat writes of his bittnerness,

that, in the final analysis, the Palestinian intellectuals do not really care about the suffering of their people. Most of them live in fancy houses in the U.S. or Europe , [drive] luxury cars, and [send] their children to attend prestigious schools. And every time a solution to the Palestinian problem is proposed they say 'No' [and choose] steadfastness, sacrifice, and Shahada [martyrdom]. And who is the shahid [martyr]? Not any of their sons. Not at all. Rather, one of the children of the unfortunate [Palestinians]. . . .

The history of Palestine is an entire century of acts of idiocy by its intellectuals, of egotism, of arrogance, and of national foolishness, which tore their land to shreds and brought catastrophes upon their people. . . .

Dear [reader]… why not join me in condemning the Arab intellectuals

Then, turning his attention to Iraq,

If the coalition forces withdraw now and leave the country, the [various] leaderships in Iraq will crush each other, as they have been doing for 13 years – because they are incapable of arriving at any agreement among themselves. . . .

The coalition forces will not withdraw from Iraq until they complete their mission. They are in Iraq at the will of the overwhelming majority of the people, and their mission is a noble and blessed one. They strengthen their presence [in Iraq] every day, with forces from other countries [whose leaders have] grasped the nobility of the mission carried out by the coalition forces. This mission is to sow the seeds of legitimacy of rule and of law, to establish a democratic government, to liberate women from the slavery and backwardness to which they are subject, to spread transparency in [public] administration, and to spread rationality and the spirit of science in education and in defending human rights."

Friday, August 22, 2003
We're back

(or at least I am) meaning tha Brandeis Vanguard is back for this school year! Hooray!
More comprehensive blogging will occur in the near future.